About Us

We are a group of domestic and international non profit organizations working in Canada to reduce oil and gas methane emissions through rigorous science, policy, advocacy and legal expertise. Collectively, we represent millions of members across North America calling on global action to tackle methane emissions from the oil and gas industry.


David Suzuki Foundation

The David Suzuki Foundation is a leading Canadian environmental non-profit organization, founded in 1990. We operate in English and French, with offices in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. We collaborate with all people in Canada, including First Nations leadership and communities, governments, businesses and individuals to find solutions to create a sustainable Canada through scientific research, traditional ecological knowledge, communications and public engagement, and innovative policy and legal solutions. Our mission is to protect nature’s diversity and the well-being of all life, now and for the future

Pembina Institute

The Pembina Institute is working to solve today’s greatest energy challenges – reducing the harmful impacts of fossil fuels while supporting the transition to an energy system that is clean, safe and sustains a high quality of life. We provide our expertise to industry and government leaders, and we advocate for a strong, science-based approach to policy, regulation, environmental protection, and energy development. Connect with us on Twitter @Pembina

Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment

The Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE) works to better human health by protecting the planet.

CAPE collaborates with other organizations, nationally and internationally, to work effectively and build power together. We support physicians to be advocates for healthier environments and ecosystems.

We take action to enable health for all by engaging with governments, running campaigns, conducting research, and drawing media attention to key issues.

North America

Environmental Defense Fund

One of the world’s leading international nonprofit organizations, Environmental Defense Fund creates transformational solutions to the most serious environmental problems. To do so, EDF links science, economics, law, and innovative private-sector partnerships. With more than 3 million members and offices in the United States, China, Mexico, Indonesia and the European Union, EDF’s scientists, economists, attorneys and policy experts are working in 28 countries to turn our solutions into action. Connect with us on Twitter @EnvDefenseFund.

Our Methane Experts


Tom Green

Senior Climate Policy Advisor, David Suzuki Foundation

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Ari Pottens

Senior Campaign Manager, Canada, Environmental Defense Fund

Ari works with civil society partners and policy makers in the federal and provincial governments to strengthen emission regulations nationwide.

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Janetta McKenzie

Acting Director, Oil and Gas

Janetta McKenzie is acting director of the oil and gas program at the Pembina Institute. She works on energy policy development, natural gas certification, and industrial decarbonization in Canada.

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Amanda Bryant

Senior Analyst

Amanda is a senior analyst with the Pembina Institute’s oil and gas program, based in Calgary. Her focus is on developing and advocating for evidence-based policy solutions for oil and gas methane emissions.

Amanda began her methane journey as a policy researcher and writer at St. Francis Xavier University’s FluxLab – one of Canada’s foremost methane measurement labs. There, she worked to bring a policy dimension to the lab’s measurement work. She researched and wrote topical op-eds on subjects such as the connection between methane and air quality, the importance of harmonizing air quality and methane regulations, innovative and rapid policy developments in the U.S., climate disclosure reporting requirements, methane intensity, and natural gas certification. She then built on her foundation of methane policy knowledge as a consultant at the Pembina Institute before joining as a full-time employee.

She has a PhD in Philosophy from the City University of New York Graduate Center, and she received her MA from Simon Fraser University. In her spare time, you can find her jogging, watching Star Trek, or playing video games.

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Scott Seymour

Senior Research Analyst, Environmental Defense Fund

As a senior research analyst at EDF, within the Office of the Chief Scientist, Scott coordinates measurement campaigns for methane emissions measurements in Canada. He has experience simulating and developing laser-based gas and aerosol detection instruments and has subsequently brought these novel technologies through multiple field campaigns across Western Canada and Ecuador.

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Dong Lai Xie, PhD

Senior Scientist, Environmental Defense Fund

Dr. Donglai Xie works on EDF’s methane science studies in Canada and China. In Canada, he is leading a multi-scale measurement campaign to quantify methane emissions in the oil and gas sector in Alberta province. In China, he is supporting for the design and execution of EDF’s emerging studies on China methane emissions associated with the country’s production and distribution of oil and gas, including research partnerships with China’s major oil and gas industry players and research institutes.

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Katlyn MacKay

Post-Doctoral Fellow, Canada Oil and Gas Emissions, Environmental Defense Fund


As a Post-Doctoral Fellow at EDF, within the Office of the Chief Scientist, Katlyn works on improving understanding of oil and gas methane emissions in Canada. She helps with our Canadian measurement campaigns, and is leading a large synthesis effort to estimate total oil and gas supply chain methane emissions in Canada using the best available data.

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